Knit and Crochet – Summer Yarn Choices

Arkaik Clothing

During these hazy, hot, and humid days of summer, there is one type of yarn that is perfect for the sticky weather. This is cotton worsted. You will see brands like Peaches & Creme, Lily’s Sugar’n Cream, and others, in your crafts supplies stores or online. Both Peaches & Cream and Lily have websites that also offer patterns for the products.

Cotton thread is also good for coasters, mats, and clothing that will need to deal with perspiration.

Why Cotton?

Because this is cotton, and not acrylic, it is very absorbent. It handles perspiration and any kind of moisture. It works with the body, not against it.

Cotton worsted is great for summer coasters, beverage cozies, tote bags for the beach, even beach cover-ups. You will quickly think of more patterns that are perfect for this product. In the winter, it also works well with wet weather – caps and scarves and more.

Special Notes about Cotton Worsted

Keep in mind that this yarn might not be quite as flexible as acrylic or wool, so watch your gauge carefully. Ask yourself whether to knit or crochet more loosely, or more tightly, than usual when using this yarn. In barbecue mitts for outdoor cooking, for example, you’ll need to work more tightly to avoid any gaps or spaces where heat might reach the hands using them. You might need to switch to a smaller hook or needles.

You should also check for newer products in this line. Many companies also offer softer varieties of cotton worsted, very suitable for clothing such as beach cover-ups. This product can work up beautifully and show off your talents quite well.

So, if the hazy, hot, and humid weather has you down, pick yourself up with a different type of yarn than what you normally use. You might quickly find a new favorite.